First, imagine

If you were to take a minute right now and imagine your ideal future, what would that picture look like?  Begin by envisioning that picture two years from today.

Then, look to the future, a generation or more from today, and ask yourself what you would like to see your children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren doing as individuals and as a united family.

Now, ask yourself this key question

Do your professional advisors (and, of course, your own family!) fully understand your vision?  And, are they working collaboratively to make your vision  a reality? Right now?


If they are, congratulations!  Studies show that only a tiny fraction of people are actually working with their advisors to achieve the future (and the present) that matters most to them.

But, if your answer was no, your advisors do not fully understand your vision, then how–exactly–will your existing planning
help your family today, and generations of your family to come to achieve the picture that you just imagined?

© 2013 Todd Rhine

Imagine your best future. Design it today.  Enjoy the benefits now.

Don’t just plan. Design.

Studies show that only 1 out of 10 families remain unified and prosperous beyond one or two generations. The statistics are as grim as they are unquestioned:

90% of all financial and estate plans ultimately fail.

We know what activities are shared in common by the 10% of families who succeed generation after generation. Interestingly, the same activities that can make your family stronger and more united right now are also same activities that can keep your family healthy and thriving for generations.

We help families and individuals to clarify, share and achieve their visions today, and for generations to come. 

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Enjoy the benefits today, and for generations