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What is Transformational Philanthropy? In short, it is a gift that has as profound an impact on the donor who makes it  (and often their family) as it does on the organization receiving the gift. 

 Understanding the ‘transformative’ power of philanthropy will enhance your client or donor relationships, improve the lives and missions of those with whom you work, and dramatically boost the achievement of the most important outcomes that clients, donors, non–profit organizations and professional advisors are seeking.

Please contact us to learn how your organization can deliver greater value to your donors and your mission.  In particular, to learn:

• What is 'Transformational' Philanthropy, and how it impacts and benefits clients, donors and non–profit organizations.

• How your clients or donors can become philanthropists (and why they should!), and the role that 'Transformational Gifts' play in that process.

• How you can 'enroll' multiple generations of the client or donor's family in a process that will unify and strengthen them for generations, and in the process, create multi‐generational clients, donors, and philanthropists.

• Why you must have a process in place to help clients or donors discover, identify and share their core values.

• Why building relationships with your clients or donors to understand their passions and provide them an opportunity to fulfill those passions is the key to creating successful families, stronger non–profits and better business for advisors.

• The role of the Collaborative  Advisor Team in helping your clients or donors to achieve what matters most to them, and how to assemble and facilitate such a team.

•How to introduce Transformational Philanthropy to your clients and donors.

Transformational Philanthropy

Transform the lives of donors and the causes and organizations they support

Here is what a philanthropist and Board member of several charitable organizations said to us recently:

"When the non-profit organizations learn to focus on my need to give rather than their need to get, they will get a lot more." 

Click image to download the White Paper.  Learn more about how Transformational Philanthropy is delivering greater value to donors and the organizations they support.