We provide planning for individuals & families

The objective of the planning services we provide is to help people to become more successful today (according to their definition of success), and to stay that way for generations. In addition to delivering thoughtful and appropriate planning, we will also introduce you to a proven formula for multi-generational strength, unity, and prosperity.  Studies have identified 12 distinct ‘elements’ that have been shared in common by successful people for centuries.  Part of the service we provide helps people to identify and build on those elements, which helps them to become stronger and more united right now, and then to stay that way for generations.

There is more to successful planning than most people know
There are three elements (or components) to successful planning, not just the two with which most people are familiar. Financial Planning prepares and protects your assets. Estate Planning prepares the assets for your family. Each is important in its own way. The third element of planning that studies confirm is critical to enduring success is known as Heritage Design. It prepares the family to receive their inheritances. In combination with good financial and estate planning, heritage design helps to construct a solid platform that provides reliability, strength, and stability that will benefit you and your family now, and for generations to come.

We also work with business owners

We provide a suite of ongoing planning services designed to help business owners grow, protect and transfer / transition their businesses. Often we work in close collaboration with the business owners other advisors to ensure that their financial, family, business, tax and other planning elements are working in concert towards the same desired outcomes.

And, we work with other advisors in truly collaborative team settings to benefit their clients                            

What is a ‘true’ collaborative team?
A collaborative team is a group of professionals with complementary expertise who choose to work as a team in a collaborative process that creates a structure through which the client can achieve and maintain the accomplishments and outcomes they most desire.

As members of a fully collaborative team,  each advisor helps to deliver value that the clients truly want. That’s a level of value that competitors who do not work with collaborative teams simply cannot deliver.

We enjoy working in true collaborative team efforts on behalf of our clients, and as a team member with other advisors’ clients to help them achieve the outcomes that matter most.

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